Why Cladding ?

Cladding is a multi-faceted process that involves covering the exteriors of any building or structure with a layer of premium materials that provide thermal insulation and protection against the harsh environmental conditions. Very often this exterior surface also controls how elements hit or fall on a surface.

Cladding panels offer certain advantages over other options as they provide added protection to the building, they are also a low-maintenance, non-combustible and environment-friendly option that fulfil your decorative needs.


You are probably wondering why should I hire someone for cladding instead of turning it into a fun DIY project?

Here’s why you need professionals to do the job for you:

  • While you may think that installing your wooden flooring or cladding by yourself sounds like a smart and cost-effective idea, accidental mishaps and beginner’s mistakes can cost you big time when it comes to overheads and the resources invested including your precious time.
  • As a consumer keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact is always your primary concern, hiring a professional enables you to do so.
  • Proper installation techniques are implemented to ensure minimum waste.
  • You pay only for the materials you require.
  • The duration of the project depends solely on the structure of the building as well as the material being utilized.
  • Getting installation done by professionals gives you the assurance of a job well done as they have the requisite experience and expertise.

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